Monday, December 29, 2003

Well, this morning I won't even bother to tell you what time I got up as you can probably guess.

Today was a good day as the banks were open and I was planning to go down to my local branch and get some cash out on my credit card (dont' worry mum, I pay off 100% every month) to tide me over until the cash had transferred into my Aussie account.

On reaching for my credit card, recollection kicks in, once again... bar... bar tab... card behind the bar... me drunk.. card still at the bar! Bugger! So before I could do anything I had to wander up to the Arizona Bar again and go and collect my credit card, sadly, this is not the first time that this has ever happened to me!

A little while later I was $400 richer, my car parking was paid (hurrah!) and things were looking a whole lot rosier.

I had a few mundane things to do, like washing and stuff, I collected a parcel from reception, this was my Satellite phone - it's bloody big! (well compared to my normal GSM phone). I found out who my nearest dealer was so that I could set up an account, I discovered that it is a couple of guys working out of a Regus (serviced office providers) office and that they weren't back at work until next Monday... bloody cheek!

A little while later I trickled across the road to the Internet café, and here I am! I'm bloody hungry so I think I'm gonna go and get a $5 steak and mash from Scruffy's, very soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

In a repetitious pattern typical of the last few days I didn't get up until about midday, again.

Being pretty much moneyless I had a relaxing day, the last few bucks to my name I used for 30 mins on the Internet and a bottle of milk.

Things were looking quite dull (but cheap) when I bumped into Anna (adopted roomie?), she was going to the Neighbours night (like the ones they run at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Melbourne) and wondered if I wanted to join her. I told her that I didn't have enough cash to pay for the ticket, she offered to pay it for me until tomorrow, so, on that basis I agreed!

We has a spot of lunch, wandered down to the place that it was being held at (Arizona Bar, only 5 min walk from hostel) and I bought a ticket; by now it had just gone 4pm and the doors were opening at 5pm, so we sat around, had some soft drinks and chatted (still an effort) to kill time.

At about 5-ish we wandered down to the bar, there was already a queue, but it was moving quite quickly so we didn't have to stand in line for long. The Arizona Bar looked quite cool, it was decked out completely in a wild-west theme and it was done pretty well; once we had given our tickets in and had our arms stamped we grabbed a small table close to the stage area.

They were showing some of the more exciting scenes from the history of Neighbours on a big video screen and playing dance music. I was drinking beer and Anna (Anna-Liisa, she is half-Finnish and half Aussie, but lived most of her life in the UK) was only drinking diet coke because she got trashed the previous evening; I wasn't sure if this was such a good thing as (and I'm not endorsing alcohol) the evening is very geared toward getting pissed.

I had a few beers and Anna had a few diet cokes, conversation stuttered along, when all of a sudden who wandered up to our table looking for free seats? Caroline! (Gt Ocean Road Caroline), we hugged and stuff, she was with a bunch of her friends; apparently she had split up with her boyfriend in Sydney but it was amicable and she was having a really good time. I felt a bit guilty because Caroline is pretty good at conversation and my attention changed to her, I think some of Caroline's friends were kinda chatting to Anna though.

The evening was going well, when who else did I bump into? Pete! (punk Pete) with a bunch of his mates! So of course, I spent more time chatting with Pete and his mates as well!

The entertainment of the evening ensued, there was a quiz (we came 5th, although I think I'm the only one who knew that as they announced it right at the end of the night), prize winning activities, the Neighbours "Stars" came out, we all had our photos taken with them; for reference they were Harold, Karl Kennedy and Michelle Scully. Anna pinched Karl Kennedy's bum and got a severe reprimanding from one of the minders!

As the evening wore on Anna went home (being sober in the company of drunk people is no fun), Caroline went home (she isn't a big drinker to start with) and I ended up hanging out with some people that I didn't know before dancing for a while and then ending up with Pete and his mates.

When it kicked out we all wandered home, I chatted to various random drunk people that I met on my short journey back to the hostel; it was quite entertaining.

I'm not sure I got to bed much before 3am! Oh well, it is the festive season!